Most people are familiar with human medical specialists, but did you know that pets have specialists, too? Veterinary specialists graduate from veterinary school like your family veterinarian, but then complete a year-long internship, and a three- to four-year residency program in their specialty, and pass a rigorous examination administered by their specialty organization to become board certified. This extra training, and their continued commitment to practicing high quality, cutting-edge medicine in their particular field, makes veterinary specialists integral in treating pets with complex medical needs. At Animal Internal Medicine and Speciality Services (AIMSS), we strive to partner with your trusted veterinarian in taking the best possible care of your pet when a specialist’s in-depth training would be beneficial.

Surgery for pets

Our surgery department takes great pride in their highly skilled, board-certified veterinary surgeons, who use the best surgical equipment, and offer the latest surgical techniques. These advantages allow us to offer a wide array of specialized surgical procedures to always meet your pet’s needs, including emergencies. From start to finish, our surgical team will treat your pet with the utmost care. We carefully assess each pet prior to surgery, formulate an anesthetic and surgical plan, monitor them closely during the procedure and recovery, and design a pain management plan that ensures their comfort.

Internal medicine for pets

Our internal medicine team includes board-certified veterinary internists and skilled veterinary nurses who are dedicated to the long-term management of your pet’s complex health conditions. Our focus, and our ability to consult with the other AIMSS specialists, allows us to diagnose and treat chronic or complicated cases that may be beyond your family veterinarian’s scope. We offer access to the most advanced diagnostic capabilities, and promise to support and guide you and your pet as you navigate the inherent difficulties in treating chronic or complex diseases.

Diagnostic imaging for pets

The diagnostic imaging department at AIMSS is proud that the only board-certified veterinary radiologist based in San Francisco reviews every X-ray, ultrasound, CT, and MRI. Especially in an emergency situation, easy access to an array of diagnostic imaging, coupled with expert interpretation of the results, can make a difference between life and death for your pet.

Critical care for pets

Our intensive care unit (ICU) is staffed with veterinarians and veterinary nurses 24 hours per day, seven days per week, to provide the highest level of care for critically ill or injured pets. Our team will monitor your pet in the ICU, and administer specialized care to ensure they are managed aggressively, and their pain is well-controlled, giving you peace of mind that would not be possible if your pet was hospitalized at a clinic without access to round-the-clock critical care. Our ICU team is trained to use the most advanced equipment, including oxygen monitors, electrocardiograms (ECGs), and ventilators, for patients who cannot breathe on their own. If your pet has been stabilized by your family veterinarian, and needs to be transferred to AIMSS for continued care in our ICU, our ambulance service can alleviate the worry and stress of driving your pet to AIMSS. We provide a fully stocked ambulance, complete with oxygen, first aid equipment, cages, and stretchers, and a trained veterinary nurse rides along on all transport trips, to ensure your pet arrives at AIMSS safely.

Cardiology for pets

Our board-certified veterinary cardiologists use their expertise to diagnose and manage heart conditions in pets, recommend the most current and effective treatments, and give your pet the best possible quality of life. As part of AIMSS, they work closely with our diagnostic imaging team, and collaborate with other specialists when treating pets with multiple medical conditions. Once they have an initial diagnosis and treatment plan, our team can often partner with your family veterinarian to accomplish follow-up care. 

Oncology for pets

No one wants to hear the word “cancer,” but our oncology department promises to walk with you and your pet every step of the way. Our board-certified veterinary oncologists are well-versed in cancer diagnosis and treatment, and can employ a combination of treatment modalities to manage your pet. Cancer treatment in pets tends to have fewer side effects than in people, and our oncology team is dedicated to finding a plan that addresses the cancer, while preserving a good quality of life for your pet for as long as possible.

Our AIMSS specialty team would love to partner with you and your family veterinarian, and use our expertise to ensure complex medical needs don’t prevent your furry friend from living the best life possible. Contact us to learn more about what our board-certified veterinary specialists can offer your pet, or to arrange ambulance services to our ICU.