Advanced Veterinary Diagnostic Imaging

Diagnostic imaging or radiology refers to various noninvasive imaging techniques that aid in diagnosing your pet’s condition. Imaging technology, such as radiographs, ultrasound, CT, and MRI, provide vital information. Just as in human medicine, internal images allow us to see what is going on within your pet’s body without invasive surgery.

The Latest Equipment & Expert Review

AIMSS employs the latest imaging equipment. As the only veterinary specialty hospital with a full-time on-site radiologist, we are able to capture the best and most informative images. Easy access to the best technology enables our veterinarians to reach a faster diagnosis and implement appropriate treatment more rapidly. This is particularly important, even life saving, in emergency or critical situations.

We are particularly proud of our digital imaging equipment, which provides superior clearer images than older methods. Digital images can be enlarged and manipulated, providing detailed information. Our veterinary team can view the images in ways that are not possible with film radiography, and our ultrasound equipment is state of the art.

Additionally, all digital radiographs, ultrasounds, and CT and MRI scans are read by our radiologist—the one and only board-certified radiologist based in San Francisco. We are committed to providing the best patient care, as our advanced diagnostic imaging capability demonstrates.

Meet our radiologist, Dr. Sophie Dennison.

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