Cardiology for Dogs & Cats

If your dog or cat has been diagnosed with heart disease or if it is suspected, we encourage you to visit us for a consultation. Utilizing consultants who are board certified in veterinary cardiology that work with our internists and criticalists, we are skilled in developing effective and compassionate therapies for heart disease, both for congenital (present at birth) and acquired (developed over the course of life) conditions.

San Francisco Pet Cardiology

While cardiac conditions are serious and upsetting to pet owners, many heart diseases are manageable and allow for a good quality of life. Early diagnosis and effective treatment will increase your pet’s opportunity to live a more normal life.

Goals of a Cardiac Consultation:

  • Strategies to prevent a worsening of the condition or heart failure
  • Tactics for safe and effective long-term health management
  • Treatment plans focused on improving and maintaining quality of life

Diagnosis & Treatment

Often the first sign of heart disease is breathlessness, coughing, or reluctance to go on walks or play. The first step is to fully diagnose the nature of the cardiac condition. A full physical examination is always performed. Additional tests may include:

  • Blood tests
  • Urine tests
  • Echocardiography (a specific type of heart ultrasound)
  • EKGs
  • Radiographs
  • CT

These diagnostics provide structural, functional, and physiological information related to the heart disease present, giving us a unique insight into the appearance of the heart and how well the heart is working. Based on what we learn, we will create a tiered multi-modal approach tailored to the individual patient.

While surgery is performed in some cardiac cases, the majority of veterinary cardiology patients are treated as outpatients with medical management. This means with medications that are given at home, often without the need for hospital stays.

AIMSS/AES veterinary cardiology utilizes the most up-to-date treatment protocols, including use of numerous medications, as well as nutraceuticals, to support the progressive treatment of canine and feline heart disease. We are keen to work with your family veterinarian, and in many cases once a diagnosis has been made and the patient is adjusted to medications, the majority of follow-up visits can be performed at your family veterinarian.

Depending on the cause of the heart problem, your visits may involve additional specialists, including our radiologist, internist, oncologist, or criticalist, in order to ensure that the best treatment and care is provided to you and your pet.

Heart disease can be very serious, and if animals go into heart failure, our unique critical care and cardiology teams will work together to stabilize patients and help them recover from the life-threatening condition. We are here all day, every day to meet the needs of these patients.

Learn More About Pet Heart Disease is a website dedicated to the topic of heart disease in dogs. Cornell Feline Health Center, one of the best sources for cat health care material, provides information on feline heart disease.

For more information about our advanced veterinary capabilities and help with setting up an appointment, to schedule a consultation via phone or for other assistance contact us.