Extraordinary Specialty Veterinary Services for San Francisco, Bay Area Pets

Animal Internal Medicine and Specialty Services (AIMSS) is a practice comprised of highly credentialed board-certified specialists accustomed to dealing with even the most challenging animal health conditions. We work with pet owners and family veterinarians throughout the Bay area, Marin County, and the Peninsula.

As a private, locally owned practice, we are not constrained by formulaic or “one-size-fits” methods employed by corporately owned veterinary hospitals. Rather, we customize our treatment plans, utilizing the best talents of our specially trained vets.

We consult and provide treatment on a number of conditions and diseases. Our specialty services include:

  • Surgery—Offering both emergency and specialty surgery with state-of-the-art orthopedic and oncologic procedures
  • Internal medicine—Excelling in diagnosing complex conditions through the development of personalized diagnostic and treatment plans and management of chronic medical conditions
  • Diagnostic Imaging—Radiography, ultrasound, and cross—sectional imaging including CT and MRI, providing the most advanced level of diagnostics
  • Advanced Critical Care—24-hour around the clock care to manage life-threatening situations and to deploy life-saving therapies
  • Cardiology——Customized diagnostics including echocardiography and ECG with care and management of common cardiac ailments
  • Oncology—Customized treatment plans that promote an excellent quality of life utilizing the newest therapeutic approaches for animals with cancer
  • Ambulance service—Transport to us from the family veterinarian, which may be required for very sick pets

We welcome new clients and case referrals. For more information about our specialty services, please contact us.

For more information about our advanced veterinary capabilities and help with setting up an appointment, to schedule a consultation via phone or for other assistance contact us.