Closing out the year and starting a new chapter can feel so inspiring. To be sure, there’s never a better time to tap into your motivation for change than when on the brink of of a new year. Your biggest and most constant supporter is, of course, your pet who will be along for the ride in 2018. A great way to reward them for their friendship? Resolutions for pet wellness in the new year!

Health and Happiness

Your pet’s own new year’s resolutions might not have anything to do with pet wellness, but that’s where you come in. Creating and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is a wonderful gift that will benefit them throughout the new year.

With all the possible ways to affect pet wellness, here’s a few ideas to get your list started:

  • Protection – Most cats and dogs have microchips, but some don’t. A great place to start this year is by ensuring you and your pet won’t be seperated. Also, take a look at your pet’s tags. Are they missing or worn down? Get an upgrade this new year!
  • Prevention – Keeping your pet safe from contagious diseases is not only responsible, it’s the caring choice. Update any outstanding vaccinations, and take a look at your pet’s parasite prevention routine. At the root of pet wellness, disease prevention is a major undertaking with huge rewards.
  • Lifestyle – Could your pet stand to lose a little weight or are they at a perfect place? Make the choice to help them reach or maintain a healthy weight in the new year. You can do this by assessing their daily nutrition and addressing any needs in the exercise and enrichment departments. We promise your pet will thank you!
  • Grooming – Aesthetics are a big deal in our world, and our pets feel great when they look great, too! Resolve to keep regular grooming appointments, brush weekly at home, and commit to regular dental care!
  • Budgeting – A great resolution supporting pet wellness is to have money set aside for unforeseen expenses. No pet owner ever wants to be in the position of not being able to financially provide for their best friend.
  • Shelter pets – Pet wellness can also involve companionship with other household pets. If you’re ready to open your home to a new friend, consider the power of adopting from a shelter or rescue organization.

Pet Wellness Matters

You know your pet the very best. Because of your close relationship, we know you’ll be able to draft the most positive and effective pet wellness resolutions possible. Please let us know if you have any questions. Happy new year from all your friends at Animal Internal Medicine and Specialty Services!