pet giftsIt’s never too early to start mapping out the holiday season. For many, this means preparing lists, going shopping, and beating the crowds. Fortunately, your pet won’t mind if he or she doesn’t receive the latest new toy or gadget – but that doesn’t mean a thoughtful present wouldn’t be appreciated. For the best DIY pet gifts and toys of 2017, look no further. Your team at AIMSS has you covered!

A Real Jump Start

Many pet owners love the idea of DIY pet gifts, but starting these types of projects in December means they probably won’t be completed in time. We’re getting a jump start on the process now, so no pets are disappointed this upcoming holiday season.

All Month Long

Both kids and grown-ups love counting down the days until Christmas with an advent calendar, so why wouldn’t a pet get into something similar? Instead of money or candy, you could fill each day’s pocket with a homemade treat. Check out this homemade pet advent calendar for inspiration.

Sweet ‘n’ Simple

Repurpose last summer’s stretched out t-shirts into your pet’s personalized tug toys. Not only will they smell like you (your pet’s favorite scent), but they’ll provide hours of satisfying games of tug of war!

Kitties typically enjoy a nice catnip-filled toy every once in awhile. Fashion your cat’s favorite thing (sushi, birds, mice) from pieces of cut felt, fill with catnip, and sew up. Make a few to keep in rotation, and re-fill with fresh catnip every so often.

Mind Blowing

Keep your cat entertained with something like this KittyLand Puzzle Center. A bit more labor-intensive, but if you have the time to do it, the payoff is huge.

Similarly, this Spring Pole Toy is great for burning off mental and physical energy, and it doesn’t take up too much room. Let the fun begin!

Both of these puzzle games are actually not species-specific. You might notice that your cat loves to jump, or Fido loves to search for things. Either way, these pet gifts are a win-win.

Did Somebody Say Treats?

Edible pet gifts are always fun to make and they’re sure crowd-pleasers. Try any number of these delicious recipes:

You could also work on your own versions (just be sure to share the recipes with us!). Wrap them up nicely without ribbon or string, and wait for the sweet anticipation to begin.

Similarly, surprise your pet with this fun treat dispenser. Fun for days!

The Chill Zone

Some of the best pet gifts are the ones your pet can lounge around in. We recommend any of these fine beds or snugglers:

No matter how you decide to share the holidays with your pet, as long as you have a nice homemade pet gift in tow, we’re sure it’ll be a memorable one.

Remember, the gift your pet truly wants is your love and companionship. If we can help you achieve your pet gift goals, we welcome your call. Happy crafting!