Rainy Day Games

According to the Mercury News, in 2018 March will have the longest stretch of wet weather on record in history. Your pet may end up stir crazy with cabin fever due to more time in the house. Try some nose work or scent training which is great for preventing boredom by stimulating the mind. This can even be used for pets with mobility limitations and convalescing pets. View our blog on Therapeutic Confinement

You can create a fun game out of anything. Recycled amazon prime boxes (from all of that online shopping you’ve been doing) used toilet paper rolls, or even puzzles purchased from a store.

Here’s a level 1 nose work game that you can create out of recycled coffee cups.

Step 1) Drink coffee. It’s super important that you follow this step.

Step 2) Rinse out the cup and poke a small hole on the bottom so as to allow for the treat scents to come out of there.

Step 3) Introduce the cup and treat concept to your pet. Have your pet “touch” the cup and start handing out a treat every time your pet touches the cup. You can start this by training “touch” and moving that to an object. Start to wean towards allowing your pet to get the reward under the cup.

Step 4) Add more cups. You can put a treat under every cup or under only one cup. It’s your choice!

Step 5) Have fun with it and mix it up. If your pet isn’t getting it, take a step back. Some pets can move through it like nothing and others just need to take baby steps. Don’t get frustrated, it should be a fun activity for you and your pet to bond over.

Here are more fun ideas from our amazing Instagram followers! These games are not limited to dogs only. Cats can have some fun too!