summer activitesSchool’s been out for awhile. If you’re finding yourself tired of refereeing fights and hearing “I’m bored” every 10 minutes, look no further. We’ve come up with some fun and interactive activities for your kids and pets to enjoy together, and with plenty of summer still left, we have a feeling this list might come in handy!

Summer Activities For Kids and Pets

  1. Water fun – Pets can overheat much easier than humans. Keep everyone cool by filling up a kiddie pool or turning on the sprinkler, and let kids and pets have a blast getting wet.
  2. Obedience training – Even if your pet is already trained, it never hurts to brush up on basic commands. Involving kids in teaching, learning, and practicing basic obedience skills fosters confidence and improves the bond between child and pet.
  3. Day trippin’ – We are fortunate to live in one of the most dog-friendly and gorgeous locales in the U.S., so why not take advantage of it with a kids-and-pets day out? Check out fun venues, such as Cleophus Quealy restaurant and brewery in San Leandro, or hit the picturesque Pacifica State Beach in Pacifica.
  4. Kitty crafts – Spending a rainy day indoors is more fun if there’s a project to work on. Kids can make simple cat toys from everyday objects like pipe cleaners, toilet paper rolls, and socks.
  5. The old standbys – Fetch, Frisbee, laser pointer, feather chase, and other traditional pet games never get old for kids or pets!
  6. Spa day – Learning how to perform grooming techniques, such as bathing and brushing the family pet, can be the perfect opportunity to teach kids the basics of responsible pet ownership. It’s also a great way to pass the afternoon, and you’ll have a clean pet when it’s over!
  7. On the hunt – Encourage your kids to help the family pet “hunt” for his or her dinner using food puzzles or by hiding bits of kibble throughout the house.
  8. Agility – Agility classes are a great opportunity for kids to have fun and get some exercise with their four-legged pal, all while learning the basics of dog handling.
  9. Hiking – Grab your kids and your dog and check out one of the Bay Area’s stunning, pet-friendly hiking trails, such as Fort Funston, Land’s End Trail, or Pulgas Ridge Preserve.
  10. Social hour – Arrange a “doggie playdate” for your social kids and pooch! Choose a location (a fenced backyard is ideal), invite a few friends with kids and dogs, have your kiddos help you prepare snacks for the humans and treats for the pets, and you’re set for an afternoon of chaotic fun that’s sure to have everyone tired by the end of the day.

What do you do to make summer more interesting for your kids and pets? Snap a picture and post it to our Facebook page, or let us know the next time you see us here at AIMSS.