For San Francisco Bay Area Veterinarians: Patient Referrals

Thank you for your interest in Animal Internal Medicine and Specialty Services (AIMSS) and Animal Emergency Services (AES). We understand that entrusting your patients to another veterinarian is an important decision. We are pleased that you wish to partner with us. Be assured that your referred patients will receive only the best care from AIMSS/AES and that you will be kept updated on their progress at all times

Specialty Services

Please take a moment to acquaint yourself with the services we provide. Addressing a number of specialty conditions, we are well equipped to handle even the most challenging cases. Our specialty services include:

  • Surgery—Offering both emergency and specialty surgery with advanced training in oncologic procedures.
  • Internal medicine—Excelling in diagnosing complex conditions, we develop individualized treatment plans for pets.
  • Oncology—We develop customized treatment plans that promote an excellent quality of life, comfort control, and the newest therapy approaches for animals with cancer.
  • Advanced critical care—Both in our emergency and specialty clinic, we handle life-threatening situations and create life-saving therapies.
  • Cardiology—Advanced diagnostics, heart imaging echocardiography, and management of common cardiac ailments.
  • Ambulance service—Transport to us from your practice, providing stabilizing therapy for critically ill patients.

Partners in Care

We value your referral and will coordinate patient care with your practice. Working together, we will design a tailored treatment plan that will restore your patient to optimal functioning. You can expect regular communication and reports on the progress of our mutual patient.

Stable Observation Package

For stable patients that need overnight care at our hospital, we offer our stable observation package. As part of this package’s service, we offer fluid therapy and any necessary injections. For stable cases, this package allows you to estimate for overnight care for your clients so they can predict care costs. To qualify for our Stable Observation Package, please call one of our veterinarians prior to referral.

AIMSS makes referral easy for you and your staff. Learn more about the process and download referral and stable observation package forms.

If wish to discuss your patient’s case prior to referral, please do not hesitate to call.

We would also welcome an opportunity to get acquainted. Consider attending one our continuing education events or come in for a tour of our facility and meet some of our staff.