Foxtails: What to look for and how to prevent them.

Foxtails are prevalent in the Bay Area; they're everywhere. It is hard to completely avoid them but we at Animal Internal Medicine and Specialty Services can give you a few pointers to minimize foxtails that can harm your pet and what to look for. Foxtails can be embedded everywhere. They're shaped like an arrow so [...]

10 Reasons Why We Prefer to Spend Valentine’s Day with our Furbabies

Why We Prefer to Spend Valentine’s Day with our Furbabies, as told by Animal Internal Medicine and Specialty Services They’ll offer you their belly in romantic locations. Via They’ll dress up for you. Via Via Via   They’ll share their best toy with [...]

Therapeutic Confinement

Therapeutic confinement Often times, pets injure themselves or they have to undergo surgery and they’re put on strict rest by their veterinarian. Just like humans, it is essential for pets to rest so as to not be set back by further injury or delay of healing. If it is a post surgical site, excess movement could [...]

Canine Influenza

It’s flu season again, but did you know that our dogs and cats are susceptible too? All of us at AIMSS are interested in keeping you and your pets safe. If you watch the news you have heard about the flu, both human and canine. The flu is a clinical illness secondary to one of [...]

Show Yourself Some Love: The Many Health Benefits Of Pets

Pet ownership is certainly wonderful, but it isn’t always easy. There are so many tasks involved in caring for a pet such as feeding, exercising, training, and cleaning up after to name a few, that many pet owners may struggle with finding time for themselves. Although it may keep us busy, as it turns out [...]

A Growing Family: Introducing Your Pet and New Baby

In many households, the dog or cat was the first “baby” of the family. After years of being coddled and adored, it’s easy to imagine a pet’s confusion and frustration when an actual human baby abruptly arrives on the scene. Suddenly, all the attention is on this little bundle who seems to do nothing but [...]

Human Health: The Magic of Pets and Stress Relief

More than half of all American households care for at least one pet. That’s more than 300 million pets nationwide! The cycle of love, entertainment, companionship, and nurturing results in their continued care. But is that what’s truly at the core of pet care (an industry that spends upwards of $40 billion each year)? Sure, [...]

Most Intelligent Dog Breeds and What Makes Them So

Is your dog a canine Einstein? Chances are, all dog owners have some anecdotal evidence as to why we think our pups are at the top of the class. From their incredible adaptability to have joined human communities an estimated 15,000 years ago to their ability to learn, it’s understandable why we view dogs as [...]

Winning the Internet: Our Favorite Internet Pet Stars

Who isn’t guilty of killing a little time watching YouTube cat videos? There are definitely a few animal sensations who have taken over the Internet in 2016, and Animal Internal Medicine and Specialty Services likes to keep an eye out for who the next Internet pet star might be. Take a look at a few [...]

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