5 Tips to Care for Your Senior Pet

As your pet leaves their puppy or kitten and adult stages and heads toward their geriatric years, certain factors should be considered to ensure they continue to thrive. The team at Animal Internal Medicine and Specialty Services wants to help. We offer five tips to care for your senior pet. You may wonder when your [...]

Therapeutic Confinement

Therapeutic confinement Often times, pets injure themselves or they have to undergo surgery and they’re put on strict rest by their veterinarian. Just like humans, it is essential for pets to rest so as to not be set back by further injury or delay of healing. If it is a post surgical site, excess movement could [...]

When Good Pancreases Go Bad: Pancreatitis in Pets

As far as internal organs go, the pancreas is a pretty formidable foe. Sure, when it’s happy everything seems to be sunshine and rainbows… But make the pancreas mad, and the fun is over. Pancreatitis in pets is a common, but not so welcome, diagnosis here at Animal Internal Medicine and Specialty Services. This condition [...]

Pet Lumps and Bumps:  What’s an Owner to Do?

A sudden swelling on your pet’s perfect skin can be concerning. What could it be? Do you need to worry? Is it an emergency?  Pet lumps and bumps can be scary, but not all of them are cause for alarm. If you find an extra friend on your pet, Animal Internal Medicine & Specialty Services [...]

Senior Pet Care for the Winter Months

Although there’s definitely a seasonal shift this time of year, those of us in the Bay Area may not consider winter the same way people do back East. However, that’s no excuse to skimp on senior pet care and ignore the needs of aging companions who may be more sensitive to changes in temperature.   [...]

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