Foxtails: What to look for and how to prevent them.

Foxtails are prevalent in the Bay Area; they're everywhere. It is hard to completely avoid them but we at Animal Internal Medicine and Specialty Services can give you a few pointers to minimize foxtails that can harm your pet and what to look for. Foxtails can be embedded everywhere. They're shaped like an arrow so [...]

10 Reasons Why We Prefer to Spend Valentine’s Day with our Furbabies

Why We Prefer to Spend Valentine’s Day with our Furbabies, as told by Animal Internal Medicine and Specialty Services They’ll offer you their belly in romantic locations. Via They’ll dress up for you. Via Via Via   They’ll share their best toy with [...]

Canine Influenza

It’s flu season again, but did you know that our dogs and cats are susceptible too? All of us at AIMSS are interested in keeping you and your pets safe. If you watch the news you have heard about the flu, both human and canine. The flu is a clinical illness secondary to one of [...]

Toxic Mushrooms

Amanita Ocreata “Western Destroying Angels” The rains have returned and with the rains mushrooms are sprouting again.  The Animal Internal Medicine and Specialty Services team wanted to alert you to a serious potential toxicity for your pet, poisonous mushrooms. The Bay Area is fertile ground for the Amanita phalloides “Death Cap” and Amanita [...]

Make it Easy! DIY Pet Gifts Score Big With Four-Legged Friends

It’s never too early to start mapping out the holiday season. For many, this means preparing lists, going shopping, and beating the crowds. Fortunately, your pet won’t mind if he or she doesn’t receive the latest new toy or gadget – but that doesn’t mean a thoughtful present wouldn’t be appreciated. For the best DIY [...]

Pumpkins, Sweater Weather, the Best Fall Pet Care Tips

While we love our San Francisco summers, we also tend to think we have the best falls around, too. The off-season often means we have less tourists and that our fair city opens up around us. Whether you and your pet are enjoying simple strolls through your neighborhood, or are exploring parts of town you [...]

Do Dogs and Cats Sweat?

Sweat. We humans know it well. That telltale moisture that seeps through the pores of your skin when you get too hot is your body’s ingenious temperature regulation method, keeping organs and cells from overheating under duress – and we would be hardpressed to live without it. As the temperatures steadily climb this summer, our [...]

Slurp Up! The Best in Summer Pet Treats

Everyone loves a cold snack in the summer, and our pets are no different. Not only can a homemade treat taste delicious, it’s also a great way to beat the summer heat. Our delicious and healthy recipes for summer pet treats are sure to please your pets while keeping them cool at the same time. [...]

The Splendid Season: Tips for Spring Pet Safety

With all the blossoms, good moods, and bursting social calendars, spring in the Bay Area is downright dazzling. The brilliant weeks tucked between endless drizzle and blinding sunlight are unique to our spot on the map, and while it’s encouraging to see people out and about with their pets, there are always things to remember [...]

When It Rains It Pours: Rainy Weather Pet Safety

San Francisco residents know that our winter weather is, well, unpredictable at best. One thing we can be pretty sure of is that there will be rain in the winter, but how much is anyone’s guess. Rainy weather pet safety is of paramount importance to those of us who live with furry family members. By [...]

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