A Look At the Science Behind Heat Safety For Pets

Your pet is a family member, but their physiology is different from yours for certain bodily functions. By understanding these differences, you can better protect them from the sometimes extreme California heat. Our team at Animal Internal Medicine and Specialty Services wants to explain the science behind the heat’s effect on your pet. Body cooling [...]

Top Five Cookout Pet Safety Tips

Summer vacation and July Fourth often mean fun family cookouts, but grilling outside can pose dangers for curious pets. Animal Internal Medicine and Specialty Services wants to keep your pets safe. Read on, and learn how to avoid the top five pet safety risks when you barbecue this summer. Pet cookout risk #5: Fire and [...]

How to Perform Pet First Aid in an Emergency

Pets routinely experience emergency situations, and seeing your furry pal struck by a car, collapse, or seizuring can be a frightening experience. But, by staying calm in these situations and applying first aid care to your pet, you can stabilize their condition long enough to reach our hospital for urgent treatment. Keep in mind that [...]

Pet-Proofing Your Home: Preventing Pet Emergencies

One of the things we love most about our pets is their inquisitive nature. Dogs and cats have endless curiosity, and nothing is cuter than a puppy investigating the outdoors for the first time, or a kitten pouncing on your blanket-covered feet. But, that same endearing quality can land your pet in a heap of [...]

Therapeutic Confinement

Therapeutic confinement Often times, pets injure themselves or they have to undergo surgery and they’re put on strict rest by their veterinarian. Just like humans, it is essential for pets to rest so as to not be set back by further injury or delay of healing. If it is a post surgical site, excess movement could [...]

When Good Pancreases Go Bad: Pancreatitis in Pets

As far as internal organs go, the pancreas is a pretty formidable foe. Sure, when it’s happy everything seems to be sunshine and rainbows… But make the pancreas mad, and the fun is over. Pancreatitis in pets is a common, but not so welcome, diagnosis here at Animal Internal Medicine and Specialty Services. This condition [...]

Scaredy Cat? What You Can do About Feline Anxiety

Does your kitty hide beneath the bed when company comes over? What happens when you prepare for a trip? Do they lay inside your suitcase as you pack? Does your cat react in kind when you’re tired, grumpy, stressed out, or upset? All cats are different, but feline anxiety is a common experience. Sure, you [...]

Disastrous Decor: Holiday Decorations and Pets

When you think of the holiday season, it’s safe to assume that some of the cherished, traditional decor and decorations come to mind. From the twinkling lights to the star placed atop the tree, the holidays wouldn’t seem complete without the glow and dazzle of seasonal ambience. While these decorations seem like a must for [...]

Pet Digestive Problems Got You Down? We Can Help!

Tummy troubles are no fun, as almost everyone knows. Pets can suffer from intestinal woes also, and pet digestive problems are one of the most common ailments pet owners have to deal with. Knowing when to seek your veterinarian’s help is an important part of pet ownership, and acting quickly can prevent a bad situation [...]

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