Intervertebral Disc Disease—An Overview for Pet Owners

Intervertebral disc disease (IVDD), a condition that commonly affects dogs, but rarely cats, can cause significant pain, and possibly lead to permanent paralysis if left untreated. Our team at Animal Internal Medicine and Specialty Services (AIMSS) wants to provide information about this problematic disease. What is intervertebral disc disease in pets? Your pet’s spine is [...]

Cognitive Dysfunction in Pets

From the time your pet was tiny, you have provided the best care possible, and your pet has lived a long, wonderful life by your side. However, they recently have started exhibiting some behaviors that concern you about their mental acuity. The team at Animal Internal Medicine and Specialty Services wants to educate you on [...]

What is in Your Pet’s Blood? A Guide to Pet Blood Work

When you see a well-bred litter of hunting-stock Labrador retriever puppies demonstrate their natural affinity to swim and retrieve, you could say that they have “ducks in their blood.” Obviously, these dogs don’t really have a flock of ducks paddling around in their bloodstream, since they inherit their hunting traits, but this phrase may get [...]

Common Heart Diseases in Pets

Though all forms of pet heart disease can show similar symptoms, the underlying causes and treatment can be complicated. Following are five of the most common heart diseases in pets, their signs, and how they can be treated. #1: Congestive heart failure in pets Congestive heart failure occurs when fluid builds up in the lungs, [...]

The Lowdown on Pancreatitis in Pets

The pancreas is an abdominal organ that rests near the stomach and small intestines, and plays vital roles in digestion and control of blood sugar levels by producing various digestive enzymes and the hormone, insulin. When the pancreas functions normally, inactive enzymes are released into the digestive tract to aid in food break-down. When these [...]

How to Recognize and Manage Pain in Your Pet

Pets are incredible at many things. They comfort our sorrows, make us laugh, are strongly loyal—and they are extremely clever at masking signs of illness or pain. Unfortunately, that last skill can cause your furry pal unnecessary suffering, because they give only subtle, if any, clues of pain that can be challenging to detect. Cats [...]

What’s that Lump? Common Cancers in Pets

If a lump or bump pops up on your pet, the first thought that likely runs through your mind is “cancer.” However, not every lump is cancerous, and many benign masses can crop up that do not significantly affect your pet’s health. Without a thorough veterinary exam and diagnostic testing, there is no way to [...]

Foxtails: What to look for and how to prevent them.

Foxtails are prevalent in the Bay Area; they're everywhere. It is hard to completely avoid them but we at Animal Internal Medicine and Specialty Services can give you a few pointers to minimize foxtails that can harm your pet and what to look for. Foxtails can be embedded everywhere. They're shaped like an arrow so [...]

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