5 Diseases Your Pet Can Transmit To You

Pets share a lot with their owners, from cuddles and kisses, to joy and laughter, to companionship. However, your pet may also share some less-than-pleasant things—like zoonotic diseases. Zoonotic diseases are illnesses that can be transmitted from animals to people, and they can have serious consequences for both species. Rabies is probably the most infamous [...]

Healthy Tips for a Healthy Pet in 2021

The past year saw many lifestyle disruptions, but pets can help with our health and be an integral part of our support network. As pet owners, we are responsible for keeping them healthy and happy in 2021, which includes illness prevention and proactive medical care. The Animal Internal Medicine and Specialty Services team has compiled [...]

The 5 Pet Love Languages and How to Use Them

Many couples have probably read or at least heard of the book The Five Love Languages, which details the five ways people express or receive love. We know that your relationship with your pet is also important to you, so our Animal Internal Medicine and Specialty Services team wants to share with you the five [...]

Canine Influenza

It’s flu season again, but did you know that our dogs and cats are susceptible too? All of us at AIMSS are interested in keeping you and your pets safe. If you watch the news you have heard about the flu, both human and canine. The flu is a clinical illness secondary to one of [...]

Protecting Pet Paws During the Summer Months

Although the Bay Area boasts cool to moderate temps, even during the summer, most states have experienced higher than average temperatures the past few years. Couple this with increased exposure to UV rays and our love of outdoor activities, and it’s understandable why pet paws may be more at risk. Vacation time also means catching [...]

Ear All About It:  What You Need to Know About Pet Ears

They may be small, large, floppy, or pricked, but all of our pets have ears. Most of the time they are cute, expressive, and nice to stroke, but for some pets, ears can be the source of big problems. Learn what you should know about pet ears and how to steer clear of issues. The [...]

The Importance of Poop: Your Pet’s Fecal Examination

No one really likes to talk about poop. It’s gross, it’s dirty, and it smells. Your pet’s stools are an important part of his or her health, though; and as veterinarians it is a subject we often have to broach. A history of your pet’s bowel movement habits and a thorough fecal examination are essential [...]

The National Effort Toward Better Pet Dental Care

February is a shorter month with less than ideal weather, but we can all get excited about one thing: it’s National Pet Dental Month! If you’ve been wondering about the ways you could initiate – or improve – the approach to your pet’s teeth and gums, there is no better time than right now. Due [...]

Maybe It’s Just An “Off” Day…? Signs That Your Cat Is Sick

Secretive is a word commonly used to describe the nature of most cats; and it’s true, felines can be subtle, quiet, and stealthy as they go about their ways. You can certainly appreciate your cat’s independence, but their acts of subterfuge can go a bit too far sometimes – especially if your cat is trying [...]

National Walk Your Dog Month: Dog Walking 101

January is National Walk Your Dog Month, and your friends at AIMSS would like to encourage you to include your pet in your health and fitness goals for 2016. This special month is the perfect opportunity to take advantage of our relatively mild winters here in San Francisco by getting out there and walking with [...]

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