Holiday Safety for Pets

At the happiest time of the year, Animal Internal Medicine and Specialty Services wants your pets to be happy, too. Especially in 2020, no one needs a pet emergency adding to their stress. Read on to learn how to ensure the holidays, with their festive foods, activities, and decorations, are happy and healthy for you [...]

Disastrous Decor: Holiday Decorations and Pets

When you think of the holiday season, it’s safe to assume that some of the cherished, traditional decor and decorations come to mind. From the twinkling lights to the star placed atop the tree, the holidays wouldn’t seem complete without the glow and dazzle of seasonal ambience. While these decorations seem like a must for [...]

From Superdog To Wonder Kitty: Pet Costume Safety And More

In case you haven’t noticed, costumes aren’t just for people anymore. Dressing up pets of all shapes, sizes, and species on Halloween (or anytime of the year) has become a bit of a phenomenon in recent years, and most of us have probably seen our share of cute kitties and fluffy puppies dressed to the [...]

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