Pets and People Meds: Preventing a Pet Poisoning Emergency

pet poisonsMost pet owners go to great lengths to keep their furry loved ones safe, but many of us end up overlooking the potential for a pet poisoning situation right in our own homes.

Every year, one-quarter of all phone calls to the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center (APCC) and half of calls to the Pet Poison Helpline are about pets ingesting human medications. By learning how to protect your pet from accidentally ingesting human medication, you can help to turn this statistic around, one pet at a time.

Meet Your Meds

The most common medications ingested by pets, according to the APCC and Pet Poison Helpline, are as follows:


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Pets and Plants: The Good, the Bad, and the Toxic

AIMSS_iStock_000040720058_LargeAfter the dazzling lights of the holidays are packed away, the house can feel less festive or downright dull. You might be considering some seasonal plants or pretty foliage to add some pizazz, but beware of pets and plants – they can be a recipe for disaster.

Whether you have a dog, cat, or other animal companion, plants are often tempting to curious fur pals. Sure, this can result in a few broken pots, but it can also present a poisoning emergency without the proper planning. Continue…

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Fall Pet Toxins

cat's faceMany fall pet toxins affect our pets as they do us. Whether independently or together with our pets, fall pet toxins have negative effects for all concerned. The fall brings normalized temperatures, dynamic colors, and outdoor opportunities; but before you take your lovable furry cohort outdoors, stop and consider what dangerous toxins are afoot, before it’s too late. Continue…

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Protecting Your Pal from Common Pet Toxins

iStock_000007467848_LargeWhen you think about summer, pet toxins are likely the last thing that come to mind. Yet, each year several pets are poisoned by barbeque foods, plants, and lawn and garden products. Chemicals are often in high use, and sometimes remain invisible to us but problematic for our soil snarfling pet.

Realistically, we are surrounded by products that are not pet friendly. However, when you are a prepared Continue…

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