Pets and People Meds: Preventing a Pet Poisoning Emergency

pet poisonsMost pet owners go to great lengths to keep their furry loved ones safe, but many of us end up overlooking the potential for a pet poisoning situation right in our own homes.

Every year, one-quarter of all phone calls to the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center (APCC) and half of calls to the Pet Poison Helpline are about pets ingesting human medications. By learning how to protect your pet from accidentally ingesting human medication, you can help to turn this statistic around, one pet at a time.

Meet Your Meds

The most common medications ingested by pets, according to the APCC and Pet Poison Helpline, are as follows:


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Sweet Dangers: Why Chocolate Is Bad For Pets

Deerfield_VolVet_iStock_000000406874_MediumWhitman’s, Godiva, See’s, Russell Stover, truffles, chocolate-dipped strawberries… Ok, you get the point.

With Valentine’s day right around the corner, many of us have chocolate on the brain, whether we are buying a box for a special someone, hoping to receive our favorite chocolates, or just love the sweet, dark, confection in general.

As wonderful as it is, chocolate is not without it’s dangers for our furry loved-ones. Chocolate is toxic to pets and poses a serious threat if ingested. Understanding why chocolate is bad for pets, what to look for, and how to help, could save your pet’s life. Continue…

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Pet Poisoning Dos and Don’ts

Kitchen pilferersYou just spent the entire morning baking a German chocolate cake from scratch for your Aunt Mildred’s 80th birthday. You admire your work and glance at your watch. You just have time to sneak in a quick shower before the party.

When you come back into the kitchen, though, something is wrong. Your cake is nowhere to be seen, and your dog is sheepishly wagging his tail in the corner, chocolate crumbs stuck in his fur. Your first thought is Aunt Millie’s birthday… what are you going to do? But then something else occurs to you. Chocolate is toxic to dogs, isn’t it?? A wave of panic sets in. Do you know what you would do? Continue…