Show Yourself Some Love: The Many Health Benefits Of Pets

health benefits of petsPet ownership is certainly wonderful, but it isn’t always easy. There are so many tasks involved in caring for a pet such as feeding, exercising, training, and cleaning up after to name a few, that many pet owners may struggle with finding time for themselves.

Although it may keep us busy, as it turns out owning a pet can actually encourage self-care. Many studies have illustrated the incredible health benefits of pets, as evidenced by the fact that pet owners are generally healthier overall than their non-pet owning peers.


The Many Gifts of Pet Ownership That Keep On Giving

Pregnant woman and puppy practicing dog yoga pose at homeThe human journey has always involved – and hinged on – our relationships with animals. Initially, of course, animals were a strategic part of our survival, but our connections evolved over time. Now, we not only count certain species as integral to our day-to-day lives, but our overall health and well-being flourishes as a result of the human-animal bond. Keep reading to learn more about the important health benefits of pet ownership!


5 Important Qualities of a Responsible Pet Owner

AIMSS_iStock_000013202613_LargeIf you’re lucky enough to be a pet guardian, you’ve probably made a thoughtful decision to commit to your pet’s lifelong health and wellbeing. You likely strive to be a responsible pet owner, seeking out resources and providing your fur friend with everything he or she needs to be healthy, safe, and content.

Since February is National Responsible Pet Owners Month, we want to take a moment and celebrate all the ways pet guardians make life amazing for their pet companions.

5 Essential Steps to Being a Responsible Pet Owner

  1. You keep your pet healthy. As a responsible pet owner, you know that wellness exams are critical to keeping your pet in optimum health.These exams provide essential screenings and vaccinations to keep your fur pal wagging (or purring). But you don’t stop there! Wellness care includes grooming, dental cleanings, and parasite prevention (farewell fleas, ticks, and mosquitos!). You’re also committed to enhancing your pet’s health through at-home care. Good for you! Continue…