When Good Pancreases Go Bad: Pancreatitis in Pets

pancreatitis in petsAs far as internal organs go, the pancreas is a pretty formidable foe. Sure, when it’s happy everything seems to be sunshine and rainbows… But make the pancreas mad, and the fun is over.

Pancreatitis in pets is a common, but not so welcome, diagnosis here at Animal Internal Medicine and Specialty Services. This condition can require extensive care and is one all pet owners should know by name.


What to Do When Your Pet Has the Flu

Like us, pets can contract various types of viral illnesses that are often collectively referred to as “the flu.” From Bordetella (kennel cough) and rhinotracheitis virus to the latest strain of the canine influenza virus (H3N2), these illnesses can make pets miserable (and pet owners too).

When your pet has the flu, it’s hard to know how to help him or her recover while also protecting other household pets. The team at AIMSS has set out to tackle the topic of pet flu and what to do to keep your pet safe from these viral infections.


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