Put Off For Tomorrow? Not When It Comes To Pet Wellness

Corgi dogJust thinking of the word maintenance conjures up either a slew of unfinished projects, or regular items on the “to-do” list that you haven’t done yet – and aren’t looking forward to. In fact, our lives can be metered out by tedious chores, all in the name of maintaining the look, the lawn, or the checkbook.

But what about pet wellness? It’s so tempting to put off routine appointments if a pet appears healthy, but we know better. Animal Internal Medicine and Specialty Services treats pets in need of emergency or critical care, and it’s all too common to see an ailment that could have been prevented – or caught earlier– with regular pet wellness care. Continue…

Seizures in Pets: How to Handle the Situation


Hefner_iStock_000028457668_MediumWhenever anyone has a seizure, be they human or animal, it can be a very scary, surreal situation. Some pets have known seizure disorders, so owners know what to expect and can be prepared. Other times, though, seizures can happen without warning.

Do you know what you would do if your pet ever had a seizure? Keep reading to learn how to handle seizures in pets, so that you can be prepared. You never know when you might need to know what to do. Continue…

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Expecting Unexpected Traumatic Events: the Pet First Aid Kit

ULVH_iStock_000054618018_LargeNo one expects an accident. If they did, it would likely be called an “expected traumatic event,” instead. Unfortunately, accidents and unplanned illnesses strike humans and pets alike. Planning ahead is the only way to be prepared when unexpected traumatic events happen.

While no one likes thinking about an emergency or disaster, the difference between thinking about them and avoiding the whole idea can save lives. For pet owners, a little training and a good pet first-aid kit can mean the difference between a temporary headache and permanent heartache. Continue…

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