Filling A Need: A Spotlight On Our Pet Transport Services

AIMSS_iStock_000005394624_Large (1)As a pet owner and animal lover there are no lengths you wouldn’t go to help a pet in need. Even though we would do anything for our pets, sometimes dealing with an animal in an emergency situation is more than even the most devoted pet owner can handle.

Animal Internal Medicine and Specialty Services understands that our clients occasionally need help transporting to their pets to the veterinary clinic or animal hospital, whether due to emergency or for other reasons. We are proud to introduce you to our emergency and non-emergency pet transport services.

AIMSS Pet Ambulance Service

Because we often treat critically injured or ill animals here at Animal Internal Medicine And Specialty Services, we recognize that sometimes a pet’s condition is simply too fragile for regular car transport. For this reason we offer a pet ambulance service on weekdays from 8AM-6PM, designed to transport your pet safely to our facility in the event of a medical emergency. Continue…

Is It a Pet Emergency?

Smart look and thongueWhen a pet suddenly behaves differently or seems under the weather, it is hard not to panic and assume that it is a pet emergency. Thinking back, there may have been a time or two when you panicked over a one-time vomiting incident, and it turned out to be a hairball. But, then again, vomiting can also be a warning symptom of a more serious illness or poisoning situation.

It’s difficult when our fur friends cannot communicate with us directly. Knowing a pet companion may be experiencing an illness, and yet also wondering how on earth to tell when this occurs, can be unsettling. Some symptoms, after all, are not as overt as a physical injury. Continue…