Happy New Year! Resolutions for Pet Wellness in the Coming Months

Closing out the year and starting a new chapter can feel so inspiring. To be sure, there’s never a better time to tap into your motivation for change than when on the brink of of a new year. Your biggest and most constant supporter is, of course, your pet who will be along for the ride in 2018. A great way to reward them for their friendship? Resolutions for pet wellness in the new year!


Post Surgical Pet Care Basics

post surgery pet careRecovery from surgery is a critical time no matter what the procedure. Be it a routine spay, a knee surgery, or an emergency foreign body removal, you play an important role in your pet’s healing. Animal Internal Medicine and Specialty Services does everything we can to ensure that our furry patients have the best surgical outcomes possible, but a large portion of post surgical pet care falls onto you, as the pet parent. Continue…

Is Pet Anxiety Normal at the Start of the School Year?

pet anxietyPreparing to go back to school is a feat in and of itself. Supplies, shoes, and snacks fill the homes of many families across the city…but where is Fluffy or Fido among all the hubbub? Quite possibly hiding, sleeping more, or pacing. Indeed, pet anxiety manifests in many ways – especially when a pet implicitly understands that, after all the chaos, a big change is afoot. How will you help your pet cope?


Slurp Up! The Best in Summer Pet Treats

Everyone loves a cold snack in the summer, and our pets are no different. Not only can a homemade treat taste delicious, it’s also a great way to beat the summer heat. Our delicious and healthy recipes for summer pet treats are sure to please your pets while keeping them cool at the same time.

Summer Pet Treats

The best frozen pet treats are made with fresh, nutrient-dense ingredients. Try cutting up your pet’s favorite healthy foods into bite-size pieces, then stick them in the freezer in plastic baggies and hand them out on a hot summer day (or anytime).


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