Is Pet Anxiety Normal at the Start of the School Year?

pet anxietyPreparing to go back to school is a feat in and of itself. Supplies, shoes, and snacks fill the homes of many families across the city…but where is Fluffy or Fido among all the hubbub? Quite possibly hiding, sleeping more, or pacing. Indeed, pet anxiety manifests in many ways – especially when a pet implicitly understands that, after all the chaos, a big change is afoot. How will you help your pet cope?


The Big Kaboom! Addressing Noise Anxiety in Pets

patriotic Chinese Crested Hairless dogFor many of us, fireworks and summertime go together like peanut butter and jelly. However, for our pets, this thunderous celebration can cause stress, anxiety, and increases the risk of escape.

The reasons behind noise anxiety in pets are varied. For some, it’s an extension of fear or separation anxiety in relation to new situations. Dogs also hear at higher frequencies, making them more sensitive to noise. In other cases, poor socialization and lack of training can lead to noise anxiety in pets.

No matter the cause, noise aversion should be addressed to keep your pet both healthy and happy. Continue…

Pop Goes the World: When Your Pet Suffers from Noise Anxiety

AIMSS_iStock_000012800041_LargeFrom festive fireworks and thunder claps, to lawnmowers and late-night backyard parties, the sounds of summer can be stressful for our pets.

This time of year it seems like everywhere we go there is some kind of event, festivity, or gathering, many of which are more than a little rambunctious. And while we may enjoy the excitement associated with the season, the good times may prove to be more than a little stressful to our pets. Continue…