Meemers: A “Tail” of Fire Safety

By: Diane Phillips


Meet Meemers. Technician Andy gives some TLC as part of her intense treatment plan following being rescued from a burning building. Note her still-somewhat-sooty paws.

May is National Electrical Safety Month and the importance of keeping your pets safe around these potential risks is showcased in the story of Meemers…

Saturday, March 28 was not your typical day for the owners of Meemers. SFFD responded to a call for a house fire in the Sunset neighborhood around 1pm to discover a soot-covered feline, conscious, but struggling to breathe. Meemers, a typically spunky 7 year-old calico, escaped unburned but unfortunately sustained a substantial amount of smoke inhalation. The crew of Engine 22 administered first aid including oxygen, now typical to rescue efforts of companion animals involved in home fires, and rushed her directly to our hospital here off Judah St.

When she arrived, Drs. Jill Williamson and Dorrie Black administered swift and direct care to revive the sweet little feline. Upon presentation, the room quickly filled with overwhelming smoke smell and Meemers (initially given the name “Smokey” due to her appearance and smell) was promptly shaved and bathed to alleviate the effects of further ingesting the harmful chemical compounds contained within the soot on her fur and skin. Oxygen therapy was also immediately employed to counter carbon monoxide poisoning and hypoxia (diminished availability of oxygen to the body tissues). Continue…

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