Scaredy Cat? What You Can do About Feline Anxiety

feline anxietyDoes your kitty hide beneath the bed when company comes over? What happens when you prepare for a trip? Do they lay inside your suitcase as you pack? Does your cat react in kind when you’re tired, grumpy, stressed out, or upset?

All cats are different, but feline anxiety is a common experience. Sure, you can chalk it up to Fluffy’s personality or mood, but left entirely alone, your cat’s anxiety could turn into a full-fledged behavioral concern.


Cats and Diabetes: Not Such a Sweet Pair

sibirian forest catThe incidence of diabetes in this country is at an all-time high, and many people are surprised to discover that their pets are not immune to the epidemic. Diabetes is a serious disease in our four-legged friends. In particular, cats are affected by a similar form of the disease as humans.

Just as with people, cats and diabetes can be a frustrating combination to manage. Learn what you can do to prevent your feline family member from being affected. Continue…

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