10 New Year’s Resolutions for Your Pet (That Also Benefit You!)

Holiday season with my best friendAs the year winds down, we have an opportunity to press a reset button. Lucky us! We not only get to shake things up, it’s nationally encouraged to trim the fat, unplug the devices, and cultivate new hobbies or friendships. Whatever you decide to change in the new year, let your pet’s health and happiness guide you. To help, AIMSS is happy to provide some of the most popular and meaningful resolutions for your pet. Let the next 365 days begin!

Cast a Wide Net

By nature, we all want to improve relationships, careers, and health. Your own resolutions can include – and affect – your pet’s future well being. Let’s all cast a wide net toward a positive new year with the following ten ideals of pet care and ownership.

  1. Keep those veterinary appointments. Your pet’s health and longevity are directly connected to regular wellness exams. Recording certain stats about your young, healthy pet can inform future care, diagnosis, and treatment. As your pet ages, he or she is at risk of developing disease, making it critical to stay on top of routine care.
  2. Ward off extra pounds. More than half the nation’s pets are considered overweight or obese. This unhealthy condition can lead to the development of diabetes, arthritis, high blood pressure, and cancer. A pet that cannot or will not move due to excess weight has a decreased quality of life. Start off the new year with a veterinarian-designed approach to weight loss.
  3. Get the blood pumping. Of course, one of the best techniques for weight loss is upping the ante on your pet’s exercise routine. Get motivated to leave the house by choosing new locales to check out. There are dog parks, hiking trails, and nature preserves just waiting for you and your fur pal. For your indoor-only kitty, try increasing play time to 15-30 minutes every day. Install places for him or her to climb, jump, and scamper about.
  4. Understand your pet’s diet. The other component to weight loss is, of course, providing the right food and correct portions. Pet food and treat labels can be confusing, and it’s hard to know what your pet is truly eating. Collaborate with your veterinarian on the best dietary choices for your pet, and keep track of your pet’s portions with an eye on ideal weight.
  5. Look dazzling. Your pet might appreciate a little help in the aesthetics department. You can achieve this at home by personally grooming your pet and trimming his or her nails. However, a professional groomer can really clean your pet up and offer a cute haircut and style, to boot.
  6. Prioritize dental care. Don’t forget the importance of your pet’s dental care. Resolve to spend a certain amount each year on your pet’s teeth and gums. In the long run, you’ll be glad you did.
  7. Open an account. One of the most impactful resolutions for your pet might come in the form of an account just for him or her. Each month, set aside a certain amount of money to use on required care. Alternatively, investigate what it costs to insure your pet for future health problems or vet visits.
  8. Set aside quality time. Boosting your mood is as simple as snuggling with your pet. Be mindful about spending quality time together, and make sure some of it is spent in nature.
  9. Be grateful. Gratitude helps bring value to your life. When you’re grateful to your pet for his or her endearing qualities, you have the opportunity to reset your intentions for a positive new year.
  10. Donate. Connect with other pet owners and animal lovers in your neighborhood by volunteering your time, energy, home, or funds. This might come in the form of helping a local shelter, fostering an animal, donating blankets and food, or even adopting a new playmate for your furry friend.

Please give us a call if we can assist you with additional resolutions for your pet. Happy New Year!