Catio Time! The Ultimate Gift for the Indoor Kitty

catioDoes your indoor cat longingly stare out the window all day? Has your curious cat made one too many near-miss escapes through the front door? Indoor cats, while living healthier, longer lives, do miss out on many of the benefits that come with Mother Nature, including fresh air, sunshine, and so many birds! So what’s the solution? Why, a catio, of course!

What’s a Catio?

The catio, like a patio, is an enclosed space that allows cats to safely spend time outside. Catios come in many sizes and varieties. Some attach to windows and are small, box-like enclosures. Others may be converted screened porches, which allow human family members to enjoy the catio as well.


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Happy Kitty: The Principles of Indoor Cat Care

indoor cat careMany of the cats of yesteryear lived their lives outdoors; their days spent hunting, defending their territories, and meowing at the moon. Today, the majority of cat owners understand that keeping cats inside not only keeps them healthier but also increases their lifespan.

Although they are better off than their outdoor counterparts, indoor cats often face issues when it comes to exercise, mental stimulation, and weight management. Thanks to major advances in the fields of animal behavior and veterinary science, we now know more than ever about indoor cat care and how to keep kitty happy, healthy, and enjoying life every day.


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Leash Training Cats is Easier Than You Think

Have your daydreams of training your cat vanished into a haze of “as if’s?” Undoubtedly, cats seem to boast an intrinsic resistance to any idea that originates outside their perfectly designed heads. Leash training, for example, would likely never, ever be insisted upon by any sound-minded feline, and yet, leash training cats is a very attainable and fun goal.

Bold, Not Crazy

Before we dive in, just think of the benefits of walking around your neighborhood with your cat at the other end of a leash. For starters, it’s great exercise and stimulation, not to mention the fact that it cultivates a stronger bond between the two of you. All of this would not be true, of course, without the biggest factor: leash training cats allows for a safe outdoor experience controlled and cultivated by you.


Kitty Concerns: Why Do Cats Sleep so Much?

It’s the rare cat owner who hasn’t looked upon their peacefully sleeping kitties with envy from time to time. After all, cats seem to be able to sleep just about anywhere, anytime, and for hours on end.

Indeed, cats sleep more than most mammals. The average cat logs an impressive 10-16 hours of shut-eye per day. For anyone who has ever wondered why cats sleep so much, you’ve come to the right place. Your friends at AIMSS have done the research, and we’ve got the low-down on your cat’s, well, low down.