Show Yourself Some Love: The Many Health Benefits Of Pets

health benefits of petsPet ownership is certainly wonderful, but it isn’t always easy. There are so many tasks involved in caring for a pet such as feeding, exercising, training, and cleaning up after to name a few, that many pet owners may struggle with finding time for themselves.

Although it may keep us busy, as it turns out owning a pet can actually encourage self-care. Many studies have illustrated the incredible health benefits of pets, as evidenced by the fact that pet owners are generally healthier overall than their non-pet owning peers.


Post Surgical Pet Care Basics

post surgery pet careRecovery from surgery is a critical time no matter what the procedure. Be it a routine spay, a knee surgery, or an emergency foreign body removal, you play an important role in your pet’s healing. Animal Internal Medicine and Specialty Services does everything we can to ensure that our furry patients have the best surgical outcomes possible, but a large portion of post surgical pet care falls onto you, as the pet parent. Continue…

Make it Easy! DIY Pet Gifts Score Big With Four-Legged Friends

pet giftsIt’s never too early to start mapping out the holiday season. For many, this means preparing lists, going shopping, and beating the crowds. Fortunately, your pet won’t mind if he or she doesn’t receive the latest new toy or gadget – but that doesn’t mean a thoughtful present wouldn’t be appreciated. For the best DIY pet gifts and toys of 2017, look no further. Your team at AIMSS has you covered!


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From Superdog To Wonder Kitty: Pet Costume Safety And More

pet costume safetyIn case you haven’t noticed, costumes aren’t just for people anymore. Dressing up pets of all shapes, sizes, and species on Halloween (or anytime of the year) has become a bit of a phenomenon in recent years, and most of us have probably seen our share of cute kitties and fluffy puppies dressed to the nines.

So much effort goes into getting our pets ready for Halloween that it’s easy to overlook certain measures of safety or comfort. Before you dust off your dog’s Harry Potter costume, make sure you’re his or her Halloween is happy by practicing the principles of pet costume safety.