Help! My Dog Drinks Toilet Water!

dogs drink toilet waterThere’s no question that dogs are wonderful, and as much as we love them, most of us are also keenly aware that they’re pretty gross. There’s almost nothing they won’t eat, sniff, or lick, regardless of how unsavory or unsanitary it may be – that includes water from the toilet. Because so many pet owners are understandably concerned when their dog drinks toilet water, we’ve decided to do a little digging and help our loyal readers figure out what to do about this unseemly behavior.

Fresh Tastes Best

The most likely reason your dog drinks toilet water is because it’s the freshest way to quench his or her thirst. Animals in the wild know that a running creek or spring is a healthier choice than a stagnant puddle or pond. The sound of water moving through your toilet and pipes may trigger a dog’s instincts as a fresh and safe source of hydration.

To increase the freshness factor of your dog’s regular water, be sure to empty out the bowl, rinse, and refill with fresh water at least once per day (more if possible). Some dog owners have great success with a circulating pet fountain, which keeps the water filtered and clean all day long.


Catio Time! The Ultimate Gift for the Indoor Kitty

catioDoes your indoor cat longingly stare out the window all day? Has your curious cat made one too many near-miss escapes through the front door? Indoor cats, while living healthier, longer lives, do miss out on many of the benefits that come with Mother Nature, including fresh air, sunshine, and so many birds! So what’s the solution? Why, a catio, of course!

What’s a Catio?

The catio, like a patio, is an enclosed space that allows cats to safely spend time outside. Catios come in many sizes and varieties. Some attach to windows and are small, box-like enclosures. Others may be converted screened porches, which allow human family members to enjoy the catio as well.


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Is Pet Anxiety Normal at the Start of the School Year?

pet anxietyPreparing to go back to school is a feat in and of itself. Supplies, shoes, and snacks fill the homes of many families across the city…but where is Fluffy or Fido among all the hubbub? Quite possibly hiding, sleeping more, or pacing. Indeed, pet anxiety manifests in many ways – especially when a pet implicitly understands that, after all the chaos, a big change is afoot. How will you help your pet cope?


Have You Ever Taken Your Pet on Public Transit?

It really doesn’t take alot to reduce our negative impact on the planet. Composting, using canteens instead of plastic water bottles, and taking the BART are just a few ways we can all contribute to a greener world. Undoubtedly, San Francisco boasts an outstanding train system, but have you ever taken your pet on public transit?

Public transit is a great way to travel for us (and the planet), and can also be a safe and viable option for pets to get between destinations.

Best to Be Clear

When considering taking your pet on public transit, thoroughly research the line, station, associated fees, and restrictions.