Lepto…what? An Overview of Canine Leptospirosis

leptospirosisAlthough it may still be a little known illness among many pet owners, canine leptospirosis is on the rise across the United States. Naturally, pet owners are concerned about how they can protect their companions from this dangerous parasitic illness.

The good news is that there is a vaccine and some preventive measures you can take to keep canine leptospirosis at bay.


Common Pet Toxins in Your Purse, Backpack, or Gym Bag

As a pet guardian, you know how adept your pet can be in snarfling out hidden tasty morsels. There are no limits when it comes to a pet’s ability to find food, and generally speaking, the nose is the primary way animals explore the world. That’s why many pets often get into items we may assume are safe, like a school bag or purse.

The contents of a backpack, purse, or gym bag can be particularly interesting. Items like school lunches, medications, flavored chapstick, or any number of other items can present pet poisoning dangers to our fur friends.


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The Splendid Season: Tips for Spring Pet Safety

With all the blossoms, good moods, and bursting social calendars, spring in the Bay Area is downright dazzling. The brilliant weeks tucked between endless drizzle and blinding sunlight are unique to our spot on the map, and while it’s encouraging to see people out and about with their pets, there are always things to remember before embarking on any seasonal affair. Embrace the season with our spring pet safety tips and tricks.


Do Pets Experience Loss and Grief?

As pet owners, one of the worst situations we can imagine is the loss of a cherished pet companion and the ensuing grief and sadness we would feel. But what we may not consider is the impact of that loss on other household pets.

Certainly, the topic of pet grief is not new. From the heartbreaking story of the German shepherd who laid down in front of his fallen soldier owner’s casket to the folklore of Greyfriars Bobby, most of us accept that pets experience loss.

Still, there is some debate as to the complexity of this process in animals and whether or not they actually grieve.


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