The Many Gifts of Pet Ownership That Keep On Giving

Pregnant woman and puppy practicing dog yoga pose at homeThe human journey has always involved – and hinged on – our relationships with animals. Initially, of course, animals were a strategic part of our survival, but our connections evolved over time. Now, we not only count certain species as integral to our day-to-day lives, but our overall health and well-being flourishes as a result of the human-animal bond. Keep reading to learn more about the important health benefits of pet ownership!


The Keys to Crate Training Your Cat

Cute little tabby kitten sitting in a travel crateWhile cats continue to be mysterious in many ways, we know at least three things to be true: 1) felines are creatures of habit; 2) they have finely-tuned senses; and 3) they absolutely detest travel crates. But what if there was a solution to the last one?

Crate training your cat may seem like an exercise in futility or pain (or both), but we can assure you the benefits far outweigh any challenges you might face during the process. Intrigued? We hope so!


Into the Fold: How to Share the Holidays With Your Pet

Celebrating Christmas with my familyWhen 750 pet owners were asked what they’d rather do during the holidays, a whopping 96% said they would prefer to stay home with their pet than visit family members. This statistic probably isn’t surprising, but it does beg the question: if you’re not doing “the family thing,” how are you sharing the holidays with your pet? AIMSS is always in favor of a safe holiday season, and we certainly don’t want anyone to feel left out. Let’s get those ideas cooking!


Pets on Parade: Getting Ready for a Charity Pet Walk or Run

Irish Setter Participating as Sponsor for Walk to End AlzheimersPet walks and runs are a relatively recent addition to charity fundraising events, and are growing in popularity across the country. Besides providing animal charities with much needed funds, a charity pet walk is a wonderful way to bond with your pet, enjoy the outdoors, and socialize with other animal lovers in your community.

Here at AIMSS, we couldn’t be more supportive of the idea of a charity pet walk or race, but before you and your pup hit the streets, make sure you’ve covered all your bases!