Senior Pet Care for the Winter Months

Golden RetrieverAlthough there’s definitely a seasonal shift this time of year, those of us in the Bay Area may not consider winter the same way people do back East. However, that’s no excuse to skimp on senior pet care and ignore the needs of aging companions who may be more sensitive to changes in temperature.




The Heart of the Matter: Understanding Heart Problems in Pets

Part of dog playing with ballCardiac disease in pets is, unfortunately, a fairly common problem. At Animal Internal Medicine and Specialty Services, our cardiology department is well equipped to diagnose and treat a myriad of heart problems in pets.

Finding the cause of a cardiac issue is the foundation for allowing us to successfully help our patient in the most effective way possible.


A Glance at Fall Pet Activities

My dogSan Francisco’s weather is always a challenge to predict (by season and by neighborhood!), but we can all count on fall to deliver warm, sunny days with less rain and fog. To be sure, the Bay Area is resplendent from September to November, making outdoor fall pet activities a must. The following are some ideas from the team at Animal Internal Medicine and Specialty Services.

Hit the Trails

Hiking is a great way to integrate exercise into your pet’s routine, and the fall weather makes the trails irresistible. The sights and scents of these local hiking spots are stunning: Continue…

Cats and Diabetes: Not Such a Sweet Pair

sibirian forest catThe incidence of diabetes in this country is at an all-time high, and many people are surprised to discover that their pets are not immune to the epidemic. Diabetes is a serious disease in our four-legged friends. In particular, cats are affected by a similar form of the disease as humans.

Just as with people, cats and diabetes can be a frustrating combination to manage. Learn what you can do to prevent your feline family member from being affected. Continue…

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