Helpful Tips to Giving a Pet Medication

veterinary inspection drug administration dogGiving a pet medication may seem like one of the most arduous of chores. No matter what you do, your pet spits the pill out or runs for cover.

Since most pets will require medications in their lifetime, finding creative ways to help a pet acclimate to the task will go a long way in reducing stress for you and your fur friend.


The Right Way to Remove a Tick from Your Pet

Man paddles a kayak with dog in lapYou’re petting your dog, when all of a sudden you feel that foreboding little lump… Yuck! It’s a tick! Now what? How do I remove a tick!?

Your first reaction may be to pull that pest off of your pet’s skin as quickly as you can. However, when done incorrectly, the head of the tick can remain embedded in your pet’s skin and continue to pose risk of diseases like Lyme disease.

To safely remove a tick (and educate you as to why it matters), your friends at Animal Internal Medicine and Specialty Services have compiled tick removal tips and information regarding one of our least favorite outdoor nuisances. Continue…

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Protecting Pet Paws During the Summer Months

Handshake Between Dog and HandAlthough the Bay Area boasts cool to moderate temps, even during the summer, most states have experienced higher than average temperatures the past few years. Couple this with increased exposure to UV rays and our love of outdoor activities, and it’s understandable why pet paws may be more at risk.

Vacation time also means catching some waves and exploring your favorite spots in nature. From hot sand to sizzling sidewalks, help protect those sensitive pet paws with some basic care tips. Continue…