BEEware: The Treatment And Prevention Of Bee Stings In Pets

Little explorerIt’s no secret that pets are curious about their surroundings. Dogs and cats love to investigate practically anything, from the contents of a box left out to the goings-on of the critters found in your backyard or along your favorite walking route. This natural curiosity can put our furry friends at risk of a variety of troubles during the spring and summer months, including the risk of bee stings.

Bee stings in pets have the potential for serious health consequences. Learning how to tell if your pet has been stung, how to treat a sting, and what symptoms to watch out for are crucial in protecting your pet.

What To Do If Your Pet Has Been Stung

Since it’s unlikely that you will witness your pet being stung by a bee or wasp, it’s important to know the signs: Continue…

The Big Kaboom! Addressing Noise Anxiety in Pets

patriotic Chinese Crested Hairless dogFor many of us, fireworks and summertime go together like peanut butter and jelly. However, for our pets, this thunderous celebration can cause stress, anxiety, and increases the risk of escape.

The reasons behind noise anxiety in pets are varied. For some, it’s an extension of fear or separation anxiety in relation to new situations. Dogs also hear at higher frequencies, making them more sensitive to noise. In other cases, poor socialization and lack of training can lead to noise anxiety in pets.

No matter the cause, noise aversion should be addressed to keep your pet both healthy and happy. Continue…

Don’t Drop The Ball On Dog Swimming Safety

Underwater photo of dog swimming in outdoor poolSprinkler, stream, lake, or pool; the truth is, many canines enjoy a good frolic in the water. A  splash or soak are excellent remedies on hot days or when your dog has boundless energy, but any time in or near water can be perilous for your precious pooch.

Drowning and near-drowning experiences are real threats to your dog’s livelihood. Because of this, having a handle on dog swimming safety remains our top priority. Continue…

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Microchips And ID Tags: What You Need To Know About Proper Pet Identification

AIMSS_iStock_000086005905_LargeFor pet owners, the thought of our beloved dog or cat becoming lost is truly frightening. The only thing worse would be the possibility that you and your furry friend would never be reunited again.

Providing your pet with the proper pet identification in the form of a collar with up-to-date ID tags as well as a registered microchip is your best insurance against being separated from your best pal for good. Here’s how taking these important steps can help… Continue…