The Importance of Poop: Your Pet’s Fecal Examination

No one really likes to talk about poop. It’s gross, it’s dirty, and it smells. Your pet’s stools are an important part of his or her health, though; and as veterinarians it is a subject we often have to broach.

A history of your pet’s bowel movement habits and a thorough fecal examination are essential parts of wellness care and can be helpful information when dealing with sick dogs or cats. Paying attention to these things can be an important part of helping pets live a longer, healthier life.

Read on to get the scoop on poop and why we at Animal Internal Medicine and Specialty Services put so much emphasis on your pet’s fecal examination. Continue…

The National Effort Toward Better Pet Dental Care

iStock_000009963933_LargeFebruary is a shorter month with less than ideal weather, but we can all get excited about one thing: it’s National Pet Dental Month! If you’ve been wondering about the ways you could initiate – or improve – the approach to your pet’s teeth and gums, there is no better time than right now.

Due to the extraordinary ways pet dental care promotes overall health and longevity, Animal Internal Medicine & Specialty Services wants to help you get your pet dental care endeavor successfully underway. Continue…

Maybe It’s Just An “Off” Day…? Signs That Your Cat Is Sick

Open wide and say "meow"Secretive is a word commonly used to describe the nature of most cats; and it’s true, felines can be subtle, quiet, and stealthy as they go about their ways. You can certainly appreciate your cat’s independence, but their acts of subterfuge can go a bit too far sometimes – especially if your cat is trying to hide an illness or injury.

While you may not always recognize symptoms right away, it’s critically important not to ignore any obvious signs that your cat is sick.

The Real Deal

Your cat’s genetic code drives them to cover up any signs of weakness, lest he or she becomes the prey of a stronger, healthier animal. Unlike a human looking to commiserate, your cat will not seek your company – or ask for help. Continue…

Sweet Dangers: Why Chocolate Is Bad For Pets

Deerfield_VolVet_iStock_000000406874_MediumWhitman’s, Godiva, See’s, Russell Stover, truffles, chocolate-dipped strawberries… Ok, you get the point.

With Valentine’s day right around the corner, many of us have chocolate on the brain, whether we are buying a box for a special someone, hoping to receive our favorite chocolates, or just love the sweet, dark, confection in general.

As wonderful as it is, chocolate is not without it’s dangers for our furry loved-ones. Chocolate is toxic to pets and poses a serious threat if ingested. Understanding why chocolate is bad for pets, what to look for, and how to help, could save your pet’s life. Continue…

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