Hide and Seek: Our Tips To Protect Your Pet From Foxtails


AIMSS_iStock_000066214329_LargeWhen backlit and swaying gently in the breeze, a cluster of foxtails can look decidedly earthy, and even beautiful. Wild barley is another name for foxtails, which can simply stir up visions of one’s sweeping ancestral home… All good things, right? Sadly, no.

Foxtails are downright dangerous to pets. If picking one out of your socks or pant leg is any indication of their power, it should come as no surprise that foxtails can wreak havoc Continue…

On The Road: Pet Travel Tips

Dog sitting in his transporterWith summer in full swing, it’s likely that a vacation is on the agenda! For many of us, leaving our four-legged friend behind while the rest of the family is on a trip would be unthinkable. Read on for tips, tricks and tidbits on traveling with pets!

Things To Consider

Bringing your pet along on a trip is a big decision, and one that isn’t always easy to make. Continue…

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Protecting Your Pal from Common Pet Toxins

iStock_000007467848_LargeWhen you think about summer, pet toxins are likely the last thing that come to mind. Yet, each year several pets are poisoned by barbeque foods, plants, and lawn and garden products. Chemicals are often in high use, and sometimes remain invisible to us but problematic for our soil snarfling pet.

Realistically, we are surrounded by products that are not pet friendly. However, when you are a prepared Continue…

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Understanding Dog Park Etiquette For A Pawsitive Experience

aimss-iStock_000039821870_LargeOur fair city boasts an undeniable affinity for canines. As a result, we are blessed with a multitude of off-leash dog parks for resident tail-waggers, making for a more sociable, friendly, and responsive pet population. But the skills learned at the dog park don’t just happen overnight; rather, a simple – yet specific – code of conduct must be established and observed by pets and pet parents alike.

If you’re looking to learn the ropes for a positive, safe experience at one of San Francisco’s finest dog parks, look no further than our guide to dog park etiquette. Continue…

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