halloweenHalloween is one of our nation’s most beloved holidays; iconic images of pumpkins, ghosts, witches, and of course black cats, adorn homes and businesses, storefronts and display cases.

Cats, and black cats in particular, have little to celebrate during this time of year, however. Their risk of injury or worse is higher around the end of October thanks to our society’s myths and legends surrounding black cats.

Black Cats And Halloween

There are plenty of stories that surface each year about black cats being kidnapped, tortured, and even killed around Halloween. Although there isn’t much evidence to substantiate these rumors, the fact remains that black cats have long been symbols of bad luck and overall evil in our culture.

The possibility always exists that a black cat may be kidnapped or have harm come to them due to superstitions or ritualistic behavior, especially around Halloween.

Keep Them In

Although your cat probably isn’t at an extremely high risk of being abducted by a satanic cult, Halloween remains a dangerous time for any cat due to busy streets and increased traffic.

Cats should be kept indoors on Halloween and in the days leading up to the holiday, especially at night. Keep your cat in an interior room of your home during trick-or-treating hours to avoid an accidental escape during the chaos of the door opening and closing.

The Plight Of Black Cats

The risks to black cats goes beyond Halloween dangers. All black animals have a tendency to be overlooked for adoption due to their coloring (known by shelter workers as “Black Dog Syndrome). Although shelters and rescue organizations are aware that black cats tend to be the last to get adopted, many restrict their adoption around Halloween time for fear that they will be used as props, costume accessories, or worse.

Taking Care Of Black Cats

Regardless of superstitions, most of us know instinctively that black cats are just as wonderful as cats of other colors. We can do our parts to take care of these special felines by speaking out against black cat myths, fostering or adopting black cats, and making sure they receive proper care and protection on Halloween and all year long.

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