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10 Most Common Pet Toxins

It’s no secret that cats and dogs get into mischief, which may result in potentially hazardous situations. Between cleaning products and medications, rodenticides and fertilizers, your home, garage, and garden are rife with toxins that can harm your furry pal. Fortunately for your pet, the team at Animal Internal Medicine and Specialty Services (AIMSS) and [...]

What’s that Lump? Common Cancers in Pets

If a lump or bump pops up on your pet, the first thought that likely runs through your mind is “cancer.” However, not every lump is cancerous, and many benign masses can crop up that do not significantly affect your pet’s health. Without a thorough veterinary exam and diagnostic testing, there is no way to [...]

We Put the “Special” in Veterinary Specialty Services

Most people are familiar with human medical specialists, but did you know that pets have specialists, too? Veterinary specialists graduate from veterinary school like your family veterinarian, but then complete a year-long internship, and a three- to four-year residency program in their specialty, and pass a rigorous examination administered by their specialty organization to become [...]

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