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Our New Location

Dear Friends and Clients, As we begin 2021, we are thrilled to announce that Animal Internal Medicine & Specialty Services (AIMSS) is moving to a new state-of-the-art facility at 600 Alabama Street in the Mission District of San Francisco, where our outstanding veterinary doctors, specialists, and staff will continue to provide the highest quality specialty [...]

Exciting News

Exciting News! We are excited to announce the pending relocation of our hospital operations in early 2021! Our new location will be at 600 Alabama St in a larger space in the Mission District of San Francisco. Just as we do at our current location at 1333 9th Ave in the Inner Sunset, we will [...]

Foxtails: What to look for and how to prevent them.

Foxtails are prevalent in the Bay Area; they're everywhere. It is hard to completely avoid them but we at Animal Internal Medicine and Specialty Services can give you a few pointers to minimize foxtails that can harm your pet and what to look for. Foxtails can be embedded everywhere. They're shaped like an arrow so [...]

Nose work

Rainy Day Games According to the Mercury News, in 2018 March will have the longest stretch of wet weather on record in history. Your pet may end up stir crazy with cabin fever due to more time in the house. Try some nose work or scent training which is great for preventing boredom by stimulating [...]

International Women’s Day

Today we’re honoring one of our own, Dr. Jill Williamson, for International Women’s Day. Not only is she the Animal Internal Medicine and Specialty Services found but she is ka board-certified emergency and critical care specialist.  After graduating from veterinary school in Iowa, Dr. Williamson headed to the west coast and has been in California [...]

Lily Toxicity in Felines

Lilies are beautiful, come with most flower arrangements, and are in many homes especially during the Spring and around Easter time. Unfortunately, most cat owners are unaware of the dangers a lily possesses for cats. All members of the scientific species Lilium, have toxic principles that cause acute kidney injury and kidney failure in cats. [...]

10 Reasons Why We Prefer to Spend Valentine’s Day with our Furbabies

Why We Prefer to Spend Valentine’s Day with our Furbabies, as told by Animal Internal Medicine and Specialty Services They’ll offer you their belly in romantic locations. Via instagram.com/simabossneko They’ll dress up for you. Via instagram.com/scoutthegoldenretriever Via instagram.com/maru.and.kumo Via instagram.com/talk_to_the_paw   They’ll share their best toy with [...]

Therapeutic Confinement

Therapeutic confinement Often times, pets injure themselves or they have to undergo surgery and they’re put on strict rest by their veterinarian. Just like humans, it is essential for pets to rest so as to not be set back by further injury or delay of healing. If it is a post surgical site, excess movement could [...]

Canine Influenza

It’s flu season again, but did you know that our dogs and cats are susceptible too? All of us at AIMSS are interested in keeping you and your pets safe. If you watch the news you have heard about the flu, both human and canine. The flu is a clinical illness secondary to one of [...]

Toxic Mushrooms

Amanita Ocreata “Western Destroying Angels” The rains have returned and with the rains mushrooms are sprouting again.  The Animal Internal Medicine and Specialty Services team wanted to alert you to a serious potential toxicity for your pet, poisonous mushrooms. The Bay Area is fertile ground for the Amanita phalloides “Death Cap” and Amanita [...]

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