It is with a very heavy heart that I have to share with our all of our AIMSS friends that one of our most beloved patients, Brodie, and his sister Ellie went missing from their backyard on Wednesday morning. They live in Salinas and their family has searched all the local shelters, vets and neighborhoods and they have yet to be found.
Brodie has a medical condition that will be life threatening if he is not taken care of properly.

Both dogs are microchipped.

We don’t ask this often, but the AIMSS family is asking all of our friends to please share this post and help us find Brodie. If you have ANY information about where these two dogs might be please call us at the hospital 415-566-0540, 24 hours per day.

Thank you from AIMSS and Brodie’s and Ellie’s family- click on the link below to see photos of these beautiful dogs on the AIMSS facebook page