AIMSS_iStock_000005781697_MediumOh, 2015…where has the time gone? And, what an amazing year serving our pet patients and their families.

This year, we had the pleasure of launching our blog. Our goal is that it provides insight and education to help pet owners take better care of their pet family members. We thank you for your readership and feedback.

And, in the spirit of all of those end of year countdowns, we thought we’d join in the fun by posting our top five blogs of 2015.


Counting Down 2015’s Top Five Blogs

  1. Fall Pet Toxins

Many fall pet toxins affect our pets as they do us. Whether independently or together with our pets, fall pet toxins have negative effects for all concerned. The fall brings normalized temperatures, dynamic colors, and outdoor opportunities; but before you take your lovable furry cohort outdoors, stop and consider what dangerous toxins are afoot, before it’s too late. Continue reading

  1. Pop Goes the World: When Your Pet Suffers from Noise Anxiety

From festive fireworks and thunder claps, to lawnmowers and late-night backyard parties, the sounds of summer can be stressful for our pets.

This time of year it seems like everywhere we go there is some kind of event, festivity, or gathering, many of which are more than a little rambunctious. And while we may enjoy the excitement associated with the season, the good times may prove to be more than a little stressful to our pets. Read on

  1. Meemers: A “Tail” of Fire Safety

May is National Electrical Safety Month and the importance of keeping your pets safe around these potential risks is showcased in the story of Meemers…

Saturday, March 28 was not your typical day for the owners of Meemers. SFFD responded to a call for a house fire in the Sunset neighborhood around 1pm to discover a soot-covered feline, conscious, but struggling to breathe. MoreMeemers4

  1. Pet Pain and Its Warning Signs

Sometimes, pets in pain mask their hurt so well that it can be difficult to discern – even for the most astute pet parent. And, there is good reason for this. In the wild, pain or injury might signal weakness and the risk of predation, so many animals – and therefore some of our pets – have evolved to disguise signs of distress. Continued

  1. Hide and Seek: Our Tips To Protect Your Pet From Foxtails

When backlit and swaying gently in the breeze, a cluster of foxtails can look decidedly earthy, and even beautiful. Wild barley is another name for foxtails, which can simply stir up visions of one’s sweeping ancestral home… All good things, right? Sadly, no.

Foxtails are downright dangerous to pets. If picking one out of your socks or pant leg is any indication of their power, it should come as no surprise that foxtails can wreak havoc on a pet’s systems when embedded in the skin, eyes, paws, or nose. Read more

From all of us at Animal Internal Medicine and Specialty Clinic, we wish you and your best friend a very happy and healthy New Year!