Nose work

Rainy Day Games According to the Mercury News, in 2018 March will have the longest stretch of wet weather on record in history. Your pet may end up stir crazy with cabin fever due to more time in the house. Try some nose work or scent training which is great for preventing boredom by stimulating [...]

International Women’s Day

Today we’re honoring one of our own, Dr. Jill Williamson, for International Women’s Day. Not only is she the Animal Internal Medicine and Specialty Services found but she is ka board-certified emergency and critical care specialist.  After graduating from veterinary school in Iowa, Dr. Williamson headed to the west coast and has been in California [...]

Lily Toxicity in Felines

Lilies are beautiful, come with most flower arrangements, and are in many homes especially during the Spring and around Easter time. Unfortunately, most cat owners are unaware of the dangers a lily possesses for cats. All members of the scientific species Lilium, have toxic principles that cause acute kidney injury and kidney failure in cats. [...]

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