Happy Kitty: The Principles of Indoor Cat Care

Many of the cats of yesteryear lived their lives outdoors; their days spent hunting, defending their territories, and meowing at the moon. Today, the majority of cat owners understand that keeping cats inside not only keeps them healthier but also increases their lifespan. Although they are better off than their outdoor counterparts, indoor cats often [...]

Do Dogs and Cats Sweat?

Sweat. We humans know it well. That telltale moisture that seeps through the pores of your skin when you get too hot is your body’s ingenious temperature regulation method, keeping organs and cells from overheating under duress – and we would be hardpressed to live without it. As the temperatures steadily climb this summer, our [...]

Slurp Up! The Best in Summer Pet Treats

Everyone loves a cold snack in the summer, and our pets are no different. Not only can a homemade treat taste delicious, it’s also a great way to beat the summer heat. Our delicious and healthy recipes for summer pet treats are sure to please your pets while keeping them cool at the same time. [...]

What to Do When Your Pet Has the Flu

Like us, pets can contract various types of viral illnesses that are often collectively referred to as “the flu.” From Bordetella (kennel cough) and rhinotracheitis virus to the latest strain of the canine influenza virus (H3N2), these illnesses can make pets miserable (and pet owners too). When your pet has the flu, it’s hard to [...]

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