Pet Paw Care to Put Your Best Paw Forward

Pet paws are often adorable, but they are also work horses. Those tiny feet take a lot of flack and are exposed to a ton of wear and tear on a daily basis. Their close contact with the environment also put them at high risk for exposure to allergens, moisture, and irritating substances. It isn’t [...]

Why Flea and Tick Control is Important for Every Pet

When most pet owners think of the risks associated with parasites, they sometimes make the mistake of assuming it’s only a rural problem. In truth, parasites exist everywhere, including those peskiest of pests – fleas and ticks. Flea and tick control is often given second stage to heartworm prevention, but these prolific little critters can wreck [...]

Leash Training Cats is Easier Than You Think

Have your daydreams of training your cat vanished into a haze of “as if’s?” Undoubtedly, cats seem to boast an intrinsic resistance to any idea that originates outside their perfectly designed heads. Leash training, for example, would likely never, ever be insisted upon by any sound-minded feline, and yet, leash training cats is a very [...]

What to do About Bad Breath in Pets

Whether it’s pets or people, no one likes to be on the receiving end of a hot halitosis exhalation. With humans, most people make the connection between bad breath and something terribly amiss in the mouth, but that’s less likely to happen when it comes to our pets. While bad breath in pets is widely [...]

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