The Problem With Pet Foreign Bodies

Some animals are akin to furry, four-legged infants – everything goes in their mouth. That’s just how they explore the world, and it can be fun, too. Things go awry, however, when the object is ingested. Non-digestible objects that make it into a pet’s digestive tract are referred to as foreign bodies. Learn more about [...]

Pet Stool Samples and Why We Love Them

It isn’t typically a topic of conversation in polite company, but Animal Internal Medicine and Specialty Services loves talking poop. While it may seem like an odd request for us to ask you about your pet’s bowel movements or request a specimen, it is often an important part of routine wellness screening and diagnostic testing [...]

Winning the Internet: Our Favorite Internet Pet Stars

Who isn’t guilty of killing a little time watching YouTube cat videos? There are definitely a few animal sensations who have taken over the Internet in 2016, and Animal Internal Medicine and Specialty Services likes to keep an eye out for who the next Internet pet star might be. Take a look at a few [...]

10 New Year’s Resolutions for Your Pet (That Also Benefit You!)

As the year winds down, we have an opportunity to press a reset button. Lucky us! We not only get to shake things up, it’s nationally encouraged to trim the fat, unplug the devices, and cultivate new hobbies or friendships. Whatever you decide to change in the new year, let your pet’s health and happiness [...]

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