A Spotlight on Holiday Food Safety for Pets

Although fall has just begun, the cooler temperatures have many of us turning our thoughts toward the approaching holiday season and it’s opportunities for delicious, home-cooked meals. While it may not be as obvious, pets, too, may be looking forward to the chance to sneak (or be handed) a delicious morsel or three off the [...]

Potbellied Pet? The Answer to Health is Never Pet Obesity

Stout, meaty, heavyset, big-boned, chubby, pudgy… However you describe pets with a few extra pounds, what you cannot call them is “healthy”. A primary cause of diabetes and high blood pressure, pet obesity is on the rise. With more than half of all cats and dogs considered overweight or obese, is it time for your [...]

Taking the Mystery Out of Pet Food Labels

If you’ve been to any large pet supply store lately, you may have been overwhelmed by all the different food choices on the shelves. From grain-free to wild meats like elk, there are lots of opinions on what constitutes a “healthy” pet diet. Although you may have picked up a can or bag and reviewed [...]

Senior Pet Care: How to Keep the Golden Years Golden

Although your pet may stay forever young at heart, the reality is that certain changes should be expected as he or she ages. Senior pets require a little more TLC, including more frequent veterinary exams and adjustments to health essentials such as diet and exercise. With the right care and attention, you can ensure your [...]

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