The Do’s and Don’ts of People Food for Pets

Even the most strict pet owner has had the urge to slip their special friend something from the table from time to time. It is a natural urge for us to want to show our affection through food, and pets are not exempt from this tendency. People food for pets, however, can have some serious [...]

Job Recommendations for the Animal-Loving Kid

Whether your first job was to earn a little pocket money or gain essential life experience, you likely recall how it shaped your future. Sure, not all of us end up in the same field as our first gig, but one thing always leads to another. For an animal-loving kid or ambitious teen, there are loads [...]

Managing Pain in Pets for Optimal Quality of Life

Whether it’s from an injury or a chronic condition, at some point in everyone’s life, something will occur that causes pain. The same is true when it comes to pain in pets. However, our fur friends can’t use words to convey the level of pain they experience, which is why it’s important to know the [...]

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