Shoebox Living: Successfully Sharing a Small Space with a Pet

Life is brimming with paradoxes – a fact that we’re confronted with around every corner in our fair city. For example, San Francisco’s rental apartments are among the smallest and most expensive in the country, but the culture is quite possibly the most pet-friendly. So, how can an apartment dweller responsibly meet the needs of [...]

We’ve Got a Bee In Our Bonnet Over Easter Pet Safety!

For many of us, Easter is wonderful holiday filled with color, candy, food, and family. Unfortunately,  a lapse in your attention could land your curious pet in deep trouble! From chocolate and Xylitol ro Easter grass and Lilies, this holiday is just hopping with opportunities for your pet to find trouble. Thankfully, your friends at [...]

Ah-choo! Coping With Seasonal Pet Allergies

Spring can be a time for exciting adventures on the trails, or simply inviting the fresh air in through open windows. Either way, your pet is likely exposed to brutally high levels of pollen from some of the Bay Area’s most productive, allergenic trees, such as the alder, ash, and junipers. But seasonal pet allergies [...]

5 Important Qualities of a Responsible Pet Owner

If you’re lucky enough to be a pet guardian, you’ve probably made a thoughtful decision to commit to your pet’s lifelong health and wellbeing. You likely strive to be a responsible pet owner, seeking out resources and providing your fur friend with everything he or she needs to be healthy, safe, and content. Since February [...]

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