Seizures in Pets: How to Handle the Situation

  Whenever anyone has a seizure, be they human or animal, it can be a very scary, surreal situation. Some pets have known seizure disorders, so owners know what to expect and can be prepared. Other times, though, seizures can happen without warning. Do you know what you would do if your pet ever had [...]

Fall Pet Toxins

Many fall pet toxins affect our pets as they do us. Whether independently or together with our pets, fall pet toxins have negative effects for all concerned. The fall brings normalized temperatures, dynamic colors, and outdoor opportunities; but before you take your lovable furry cohort outdoors, stop and consider what dangerous toxins are afoot, before [...]

Protecting Your Pet Against Heartworm Disease

Cases of heartworm disease among dogs and cats have been on the rise over the past five years. Yet, many pet owners falsely believe it’s something that happens to “someone else’s pet” or only in rural areas. Misconceptions about heartworm disease have led to the proliferation of the disease, expensive veterinary bills, and, sadly, the [...]

Liver Problems in Pets: Getting to Know the Facts

The liver is kind of a big deal. It is a very large organ and maintains a variety of important functions in the body. It helps to remove toxins from the bloodstream, stores many vitamins and minerals, aids in the regulation of blood sugar, and even manufacturers quite a few important biological proteins. Without its [...]

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